Quincy Tea Party - For Immediate Release
Quincy Tea Party - For Immediate Release

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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

No person who attended the Washington DC Rally and March were dues-paying members of the Quincy Tea Party despite media claims to the contrary.

Our social media manager helped some local people who wished to attend the Rally to connect and carpool but none of them were members.

The two individuals arrested were not members of the Quincy Tea Party and were not part of the carpool from Quincy.  They traveled and stayed on their own.

Liking and commenting on the Quincy Tea Party’s public social media page with thousands of followers does not constitute membership in our organization.

Quincy Tea Party supports everyone’s God-given right to peacefully assemble. We do not condone violence, racism, and online harassment. 

Unlike the far-left minority and their media conspirators, we vocally condemn the actions of all who riot and destroy public and private property in Washington DC and across the Nation.

We believe our local news media have coordinated with the far-left minority in our community to slander and defame the Quincy Tea Party with false information that:

  1. Area residents attending the Washington DC Rally were members of the Quincy Tea Party.
  2. That those residents who traveled to Washington DC and falsely labeled as members had any intent other than to peacefully protest and exercise their first amendment rights.

The Quincy Tea Party demands an immediate public retraction from KHQA and WGEM for this defamation.

For more information, contact Mecki Kosin, 217.779.0152, or Steve McQueen, 217.257.8855

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